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Cover reveal!

I first wrote this book as a romance but after the first round of beta readers I got the same feedback. "It's great but, how did they get there? What happened beforehand? How did the wars start?" I quickly realized that I hadn't really dealt much with the setting just the two love-birds in it.

Second draft I spent LOTS of time studying wars and depressing stuff. I asked friends who knew more than me about economics and big corporations and third world countries. I wrote up fake time lines and scenarios and had a giant graph of how it all happened. Eventually the story all came together and I met Holli Anderson who loved it enough to offer me a contract.

When I first saw the cover I argued with the designer. "It's a romance! This book looks scary. Where's the love?" They both read my book and both defended that although my story has romance in it, the premise really carries the story along. After a few tweaks I'm in love with it now and can't wait to hold it in my hands!

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