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writer's block

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I actually don't ever get writers block. That may be hard to believe but it's true. I have times where I don't know what to write in certain stories but I never stop writing. I use thePROSE.COM a lot. the challenges in there get my creative juices flowing and give me break from what I'm working on. If you're stuck maybe take a break and go write something else for a little bit. But never stop writing.

Also as someone. with heavy internal dialogue I have a lot of writing going on in my head that never gets written down. I think having that helps me write pretty quickly once I sit down to do it.

Music also plays a big part in my writing. Even before I started writing novels I would turn on classical music in the car and with my kids come up with imaginary lands and people and animals. Find what music has the same tone or mood as your story. Or which song represents your character the most? Music can be a great motivational tool for writing.

Back stories. When I get a little stuck I realize it's because I don't enough about my characters back stories. I often will write little short stories about something that happened in a characters childhood or their first love that explains why they have a hard times trusting now. Just remember when writing the novel that those parts aren't in the story so the reader won't know them unless you tell them. Ha. I've had so many stories where I forgot that only I know that bit of information because I wrote their back story.

Don't be constrained to conventional ways of writing. We have so much technology and tools at our fingertips. Don't be tied down to only being able to write at a computer with silence and a mug of tea. Write anywhere and everywhere. I'm a crossing guard and a lot of my writing happens on my phone while sitting in the car. Or a sticky note from the fridge while doing the dishes.

The best writing is done in our heads. Think about your characters while folding laundry. What would they say to this person if confronted with this situation? spend time with your characters so you will know how they will react. The last third of my novel that is getting published was written in 2 weeks and hardly any of it was edited. It came out fast because I knew my characters well.

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