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Blood Numbers


It's funny how close of friends we authors can get to certain imaginary people. Aston was one of those characters that spoke up quickly about who she was, got loud and never shut up. I love her. She's dramatic and sometimes selfish but always tries to do what's right. She just needs to decide for herself what's right instead of following everyone else's version of it. Here's a glimpse into sixteen year old Aston Vazeto.

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Silver Dagger has graciously set up an impressive blog tour for Blood Numbers! I'm so excited for this opportunity to be a guest on so many blogs around the world and share my novel with others! Follow the tour HERE starting May 5th for special content and a giveaway!

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About the Author

I grew up with a pretty normal childhood, running barefoot in the Appalachian mountains, playing with turtles and innocently killing them by leaving them on their backs so I could play house with them again the next day. I don't think  I always dreamed of being an author. It was just something I did. I made up stories about my dead turtles. I named my fingers and let them battle out family feuds. I wrote about myself in my journal when what I wished would happen was better than what actually did (sorry, Mom for the scare. I still promise I never really snuck over to a party and kissed my brothers friend). What a wonderful surprise when something "I just did" suddenly became something others enjoyed. I'm so forever grateful to my publisher for giving me a chance to share my not-so-normal stories with the whole world.


Blood Numbers

May 5, 2020

Several years ago my husband entered a plasma center to make a little extra cash. He ran into other teacher friends there and it made me so very sad that teachers would have to subject themselves to pain and illness in order to have enough money for their families. It also gave me an idea for a book. What if a society was separated by their need for blood? Wealthy Recipients gamble for their chance to be healthy again and poor donors give up their blood just to feed themselves. 
I'm so very excited to introduce my first book BLOOD NUMBERS to the whole world. Coming out 05/05/2020! A very big thank you to my husband for his support and donations:) that helped make this possible.
P.S. The cover reveal should be between November and December. This image is just something I made for fun.